I’m Back!

Hello again, 

Remember I checked-out of blogging, Facebook and Twitter to concentrate on my children’s book? My parting with Facebook lasted about ten days.  I missed the vacuous drivel and brazen boasting for some reason. Last week, I opened a new Twitter account, and today is my first blog post for some time.  Why the social media surge? Because I’m nearing completion of my book and it’s shameless promoting time of course!

I wonder how authors pre-Facebook ever managed to sell their wordy wares. And what about those writing before the PC, the internet or with just a quill? How did Milton ever find a publisher without a Writers & Artists Yearbook?

I’m not big on self-promotion or trumpet blowing. Should I purchase a Cessna and fly my family to Monaco for a lunch of white truffles, quails eggs and Beluga caviar, Facebook is the last place I’d announce it. However, I acknowledge I have an Everestic (not actually a word, but I like it) ascent to make if I want to see my children’s picture book furnish the shelves of Waterstones. And to do that, I need to shout, ‘LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!’ Eeeek, that makes me want to trade lives with a hermit crab.

I have often heard agents and publishers advise that it is often not the best writers who make it, but the ones who are the most tenacious who work day and night to get their work noticed. I was rather hoping this wasn’t the case. I’m happy with the colossal work ethic required, but wish talent could just be spotted from afar, much like models whose slightly dorky, pre-pubescent, emaciated, hot-pant-wearing bodies are spotted whilst taking the bins out.

Alas, time to turn on the Teeky Twigg PR machine. Actually, I need to finish the book first.  The book with the secret title. The book I’m too scared to tell anyone about, just in case my idea is stolen.  I’m meeting two agents in June; fifteen minutes with each.  If I haven’t got over my hermit-crab ways by then, I guess my writing dream will crash and burn.  Now back to Facebook, the best place to gain tips on unabashed promotion…


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