So Long…….For Now…

I started this blog six months ago, initially to chart the anticipated stormy voyage from ideas-ville to the promised land of published authors. However, I have become considerably side-tracked; spending more time on researching the ‘how’ and not enough time on the ‘now’ i.e. buckling down and physically writing.

Too much time has been lost to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and ironically, blogging. The end of the year is knocking at my door and I have little to show it. A notepad stuffed with scruffy scribblings and illegible illustrations will not an author make. I have become one of the countless others claiming to have ‘a book in me’. What point is a fantastic concept without a sustained and tenacious execution?

Fortunately, my literary kipper-in-the-face came last night whilst watching the awe-inspiring Rise of the Guardians. Whilst my two young children excitedly watched Dreamworks weave their usual animated magic, I was captivated by the film’s integral message of finding your ‘centre’ i.e. your essence, purpose or raison d’être. It reminded me of mine and reignited my desire to write children’s books.

My mum recently reminded me of my first ever school report peppered with the words, ‘creative’, ‘imaginative’ and ‘distracting’. Whilst the last adjective remains debatable, the first two have never left my side. I live in a world where washing-machines fly and shoes and socks talk. Every inanimate object personified with human characteristics and emotions. Each one another opportunity to become a children’s story.

My path has taken many diversions but my ‘centre’ has remained resolute. I’ve worked in PR (writing and selling stories), journalism (writing and telling stories) and education (helping children discover stories). All different jobs but all sharing the same ‘centre’ of creativity and imagination.

Thanks to last night’s film, in particular the incomparable and enviable imagination of William Joyce, I’m reconnecting with my soul and returning my energies to writing my first children’s book. It will not write itself.

I am going to reduce the time spent on blogging and on browsing Facebook. No more ploughing through the Writers and Artists Handbook selecting suitable agents and publishers. No more reading ‘How to Write a Children’s Book’. No more listening to the ‘Do’s and Do Nots’ of writing. No more wasting time. I have an incredible and unique idea for a story which will need writing quickly before Dreamworks or Pixar have the same incredible and unique idea.

So, I’ll be signing off for a bit and I may be some time….


6 thoughts on “So Long…….For Now…

  1. Brilliant………………….. go for it, you have a natural lively imagination , you would be a great children’s author,
    what about a thrilling spooky story ?……. right up your street !! if it doesn’t frighten you !!, ha ha, xxxx

  2. Although I have not always replied I have really enjoy reading your pieces, you are a fantastic writer and you now need to go forth and step up to the next challenge- you can do it xxx

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