How to Lose Weight Without Really Trying.

Want to lose weight without trying?  Without moving a limb?  Without cutting back on fudge, cream teas, trifle-flavoured ice-cream and daily lattes?  Well, as I am finding out, you bloody well can’t.  You categorically cannot lose weight and tone up without actually moving your body or reducing your treat consumption.  I have been having a hard time accepting these hard truths.

I wake each day in the hope that I may be smaller than the day before.  Despite making few changes to my scoffing regime. That’s spectacularly thick isn’t it?  I do expect changes to happen in my life, without really being involved in the process.

I’m writing at book.  At least I was, until I moved to Cornwall.  My motivation for sitting down and working has dramatically diminished; my motivation minified.  However, I somehow still expect to get my book published; to receive the call from Harper Collins asking for my manuscript and advising me they would like to pay an advance of £250,000 whilst I tinker with my thoughts. They can wait; they’ve no other clients.

I apply the same deluded methodology to my body.  I expect to see improvements in my physique as soon as I return from my twenty minute swim in the sea!   I will look at my naked body in the mirror and say to my husband: “Ooh look, do you think I’m looking more toned?  I think I’m looking more toned.”  This is often met with a silent shrug.

And even if I was looking firmer, my imbecilic brain would convince me it is now perfectly justifiable to have a whole tin of jam roly poly and a pot of custard (pudding choices are limited in my local Spa). Jam

I wish I knew why I did these things and I’d love to know how I can stop.  How can I feel more motivated to get the body I desire and the book I’m writing, written?

Before conquering the mountain, I thought I’d try the stairs first.  Therefore, I am going to begin my journey to self-improvement by quitting daily treats.  For now. Perhaps not quit entirely but at least, reduce.  I know I can watch the beautiful Cillian Murphy in tonight’s Peaky Blinders without the accompaniment of a packet of custard creams and a Wagon Wheel or two.  I know I am capable of walking into town without stopping for a Nutella crepe and a latte en route.

Once I have trounced the treats, I am hoping I will feel stronger and more in control of my destiny.  At least, that is my plan.  It’s important to have a plan in life, as long as you learn how to follow it.  Here I go……


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