I Wish….

I wish my thighs were smaller.
I have two healthy legs I choose not to exercise.

I wish my arms were toned.
I have two arms I choose not to work-out.

I wish I hadn’t sold our sofa.
I have a safe and warm floor to sit on.

I wish we didn’t have to sell our king-size bed.
I have a roof over my head tonight.

I wish my kids would pipe down.
I am blessed with two fantastic lives to cherish.

I wish our tap water was clear.
I need only walk ten steps to find clean drinking water.

I wish I had more clothes.
I have clothes for today and tomorrow.

I wish my husband would stop gassing.
I have a husband who loves me.

I wish I had Sky Movies.
I have my books.

I wish I was half a stone lighter.
I could be, if I tried harder.

I wish I could speak Italian.
I have access to any lesson I wish to take. I choose not to.

I wish I hadn’t eaten so much.
I am grateful my cupboards are full.

I wish I was smarter.
I have the freedom to read any book I like.

I wish, I wish, I wish. How many times today have you wished for something better? Something more?  And how many times have you expressed gratitude for what you already have?

Last night, I was lying in bed fretting about packing up the house and moving away.  I was awake for an hour as my mind whirred with things to do. I remembered a news report I had watched earlier in the day, about the million or more refugees fleeing their homes in Syria. Many are children who are suffering unimaginable atrocities as they flood neighbouring borders in search of food, water and shelter.

I wonder how many wish for a better phone; a better car, a pay-rise, a bigger house, a straighter nose,  thinner thighs or a pair of Jimmy Choos.

Can you imagine wishing to find your mum and dad alive; a cup of clean water to drink; a pillow to rest your head, or someone to hold your hand?

I think we all need to re-frame our so-called hardships and thank God that we are the luckiest people alive.


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