Beware the Paddling Pool Peddlers.

How ethical are you?  Would you, say, buy a paddling pool for £4.99 in Asda and sell it on Gumtree for £70? After all, it’s 30 degrees in the UK and all the pools have been snapped up.  Would you rub your hands with glee that Sir Alan would be proud of your colossal mark-up?  Ethics?  What do ethics have to do with the basic principles of supply and demand.

Facebook, eBay and Gumtree have been flooded with over-priced paddling pools.  Take a look.  Forget ploughing your savings into gold and oil; paddling pools are where it’s at.

If this is you, I commend you for your business acumen. I abhor your disregard for principles, ethics and decency.

Sure, factor in a mark-up to justify your labour (I applaud anyone for braving Asda Walmart on the weekend), but don’t rob people because it’s a freaky hot spell and you can get away with it.

I sold a portable air-conditioning unit today.  We paid £250 for it last year and as we never use it, we sold it for a reasonable price.  I had 24 email enquiries and I know I could have charged as much as I thought I could get away with.  But that would be completely unethical and would trouble me as I sit watching Jack Bauer of an evening.

I know some will say I am soft or naive for believing in moral decency. Often you will hear people say: “It’s business, it’s not personal.”  I loathe this deplorable excuse for unacceptable behaviour.

Everything in life is personal, whether you’re closing mega-deals, buying houses or playing marbles. And I can see no reason why all of these things cannot be conducted with honour and decency.

Be wary of anyone who spouts: “It’s not personal, it’s just business.”  You are about to be royally shafted up the arse.


One thought on “Beware the Paddling Pool Peddlers.

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